Nano Ceramic Coating Vs Car Wax: What’s the Difference?

Affordable and long lasting protective car coatings have always been a major concern for car owners. In this advanced automotive industry of today, there are several options available to protect a car’s paint from intense UV light, harsh acid rain particles, bird droppings, scratches, rust, grit, and sand. People actually get confused about the different types of coatings and it becomes difficult for them to choose the right one for their car according to their needs.

Let’s today discuss two major methods of protecting car’s paint which are:

  1. Car Wax
  2. Nano Ceramic Coating

What is Car Wax?

The most common category of car wax is Carnauba wax. It is a natural substance from the area of Northern Brazil that is derived from the leaves of Copernicia Prunifera Palm. In order to protect itself from the harsh heat of the sun, the palm forms carnauba secretion which allows the tree to retain its moisture content.

This material is then combined with other waxes like solvents and beeswax to give it the form of car wax. If the higher amount of carnauba wax is used while forming the car wax, it guarantees more durability and shine thus giving “lotus effect” to the cars.

Duration of Car Wax

The car wax usually retains its characteristics for a maximum period of six months. After this period, you have to renew the wax again for making your car shine.


  • Carnauba is a natural and environment friendly substance.
  • You can easily apply car wax on your car without any professional help by learning the right tricks.
  • It is heat-resistant and provides deep as well as wet-look shine.
  • It also holds excellent hydrophobic properties.
  • It is cheaper than Nano Ceramic Coating.


  • You have to apply car wax regularly after certain intervals in order to protect your car’s paint.
  • Redoing the process of applying car wax consumes a lot of time, energy, and effort.

What is Nano Ceramic Coating?

A Nano Ceramic Coating is basically a liquid polymer that is taken from its use in silica which is used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of glass and ceramic products. People usually believe that the ceramic is opaque or white in color but this is not the case. It exists with its wide range of colors, compositions, and molecular structures.

The ceramic car coatings are inorganic in nature, opposite to carnauba wax. This organic nature allows them to be manufactured at a temperature much higher than carnauba. They form a strong level of atomic bond with the painted substrates. The Nano Ceramic technology offers more strong protection and resistance to UV light, harsh weather, scratches, grits, sand, and bird droppings. It is impossible to remove these coatings using pressure washers or paint cleaners.

Duration of Nano Ceramic Coating

This coating last for a longer period of time unlike car wax which needs to be redone after every 5 to 6 months. It provides long lasting protection to the car’s paint from the natural as well as environmental factors.


  • Nano Ceramic Coating provides great protection from UV rays thus protecting the paint from oxidation.
  • It lasts much longer than wax because of its highly resistant nature against scratches, mud, sand, acid rain, and bird droppings.
  • Due to the extreme hydrophobic effects of this coating, it becomes quite easy to clean the car. Besides that, the process of drying and maintain the car also gets smooth.
  • It provides a highly intense gloss and shine to the car for many years of the vehicle’s life.


  • The application of Nano Ceramic Coating requires the help of professionally trained technicians.
  • It is expensive as compared to car wax but once done it protects your car for many years to come.

Final Words

When it comes to the comparison of two different techniques, there is no absolute winner or loser. It totally depends on your budget, your dedication towards maintaining your car, and the time you are spending on your car that can help you to take the final and right decision for your vehicle. If you have enough amount of time and energy to work on your car yourself, you can go for car wax easily. But, if your car lies in the category of “daily commute” and you want to protect your possession from the rough and tough of the weather, Nano Ceramic Coating is a good option for you.


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